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  • Smita Paranjape

    Smita Paranjape

    Leadership Coach , Cell biologist, writer . I write at the intersection of Human Biology , Communication, Focus and Clarity to achieve thriving results .

  • Jessica Blake

    Jessica Blake

    Writer/ Registered Nurse/ Wife/ Mother/ Lover of True Crime/ Healthcare Junkie/ Consummate "Good Girl"

  • Rijami Arekong

    Rijami Arekong

    I like to regard myself as a Wordsmith; I know right, quite a fancy name for a writer.

  • amit raga

    amit raga

  • Sushil Chadda

    Sushil Chadda

  • Mark Bradley

    Mark Bradley

  • Median E. Rawashdeh

    Median E. Rawashdeh

    Creative problem solver, lateral thinker & technologist, who enjoys creating futuristic solutions. Otherwise known as "The Hawk" by his peers @EulerFoundation

  • Geoffrey Hammond

    Geoffrey Hammond

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